Who Are We?

Futureproof Clare is made up of local volunteers who care about our area, our society and our world. We are not connected to any political party and everyone is welcome.

Our mission is to ‘bring people together, share social and environmental ideas and build resilience in the face of change’.

In summer 2018, we realised that Shannon LNG and US fracked gas imports were the biggest and more urgent environmental threat in Ireland at this time, so for now we’re working exclusively on this campaign. We are not working alone however. We are in a coalition with Friends of the Earth, Friends of the Irish Environments, Food and Water Europe, Safety before LNG, No Fracking Ireland, Love Leitrim, Stop Climate Chaos Ireland, Not Here, Not Anywhere and many more.

Honourable mention goes to Safety before LNG who have fought this battle since 2008 and who have collected a huge amount of meticulously sourced information on Shannon LNG and the industry. See www.safetybeforelng.ie

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