A Better Way

Instead of Shannon LNG, we want:

  • Ireland’s energy mix decisions led by Public Participation and government policy not corporate interests
  • a clean and flourishing Shannon Estuary
  • the interests of all Estuary communities to be considered
  • a safe and sustainable future for our locality, our country and our world

It can be done!

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition has published new research which finds the best way to ensure Ireland’s energy security is the rapid development of indigenous renewables combined with energy storage technology. This would allow Ireland phase out all fossil fuels, including fossil gas, in line with our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.

Lead author of the report, Professor Barry McMullin of the School of Electronic Engineering of DCU, said:

“Based on Ireland’s large natural resource of renewable energy coupled with the use of large-scale energy storage, rapid fossil fuel phase out is not only technically feasible, but can progressively eliminate the security-of-supply risks associated with all imported fossil fuels, while simultaneously decarbonising at the scale and urgency demanded by good faith participation in the Paris agreement.”